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Family control over Gf

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Relationship advice I have been seeing my GF for 7 months and we enjoy one anothers company alot. She is ten yrs my senior and I am 61. She keeps my secretive to her sons as well as her grandchildren because i feel she is embarrassed by our age difference. She says her sons dont want the kids to be dissappointed as they were when they grew close to her last husband of 4 yrs.
Another issue is sex. She is using her religious beliefs to avoid sex which makes it discomforting physically for her. advice please

Family control over Gf

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She is choosing to keep her love life away from the grown children. You must accept that right now.

Do they even know that she is dating or has a special friend? Start there and work slowly. Seven months is not a long time, she may not want her children to know everything she does right now. Is she a widow or divorced?

Re: her discomfort during sex. She needs to talk to her Dr. about physical changes that may be causing her discomfort. Lubricants may be needed - and lots of foreplay. Intimacy is VERY important at this stage of life; be sure that there's lots of petting, kissing, etc. and don't feel that intercourse is needed to have a great sex life together.

What religious belief would deny her pleasure at this time in her life? Insist she get a physical ASAP with a OB-GYN.

If she has never enjoyed love making in the past, then you have a more difficult job. You may want to decide if she is even willing to become sexually active again.

There's no reason why your ages even need to be brought up in conversation. It's your business only. Enjoy each other!

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