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Baby doesn't look like her dad

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I'm filipina hve light skin and straight hair and long ,
And my husband is thick curly hair and black skin ( black american)
We hving a baby girl and she doesn't look like her father at all,
My husband hve doubt to me because of that.
What can I do to prove to him that his the real father?

Thnk you and I apriciated.

Baby doesn't look like her dad

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There are genetic reasons (Nature) as well as psychological ones (Nurture) for why a baby will look most like one parent and/or not remotely like the other.

Normally, for primitive evolutionary reasons that are still active, the newborn comes out looking most like dad. This is because men's tolerance levels of a forever-wailing/demanding baby are far lower than mum's, meaning he COULD in a fit of exasperation lose his rag and accidentally harm the baby or abandon the baby and its mother (meaning no-one bringing home the bacon, meaning both starving to death). This is altogether less likely if it looks like a mini-him. It encourages an instantly strong father-baby bond.

However, if the newborn senses mum is anxious and distracted, it'll look like her to encourage HER to focus more attention on it.

These, however, can be overridden if the particular marriage/mixture between your genes and your husbands (as produced the 'product') allowed for YOUR genes to predominate in terms of 'got activated'. Example: light skin genes meet and wrestle with dark skin and because of some other element in play, light genes win the 'fight' and out pops a baby with lighter skin.

Get him to research this aspect of genetics or, more easily, talk to your family doctor for reassurance.

Saying that, however!...That your husband lacks that much trust - either [a] in you and your calibre of personage (whereby he thinks you could have brought yourself to cheat on him) or [b] in other people versus his own 'power' (whereby another man's allure and wooing efforts were so effective that even normally-morally-upstanding you got persuaded against husband's own strength of allure), and in life - goes some way towards explaining to me why you're anxious/insecure as would have the baby's survival mechanisms responding to those vibes by appearing more cute and attractive to you rather than to husband. Because if YOU don't deep-down believe this man will remain the child's live-in father for life, then neither will the baby; instead it'll consider YOU it's one rock and respond in line with that 'inevitable', i.e. look most closely like the individual who most controls its chances of survival.

And given how he's behaving right now, I'm not surprised you have this background mindset.

I mean, how DARE he accuse you like that without (presumably) any basis than how the baby initially looks! And at a time when you feel most vulnerable!

Tell him to grow up, find out for a FACT there's no grounds to his silly suspicion than this one 'superficial', and apologise profusely. And QUICK! Insecurity is one thing but, immaturity does not make for good fathering capability.

...Unless he DOES have basis to suspect you???

Baby doesn't look like her dad

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What will ultimately solve this problem between the two of you is to get a DNA test done. A lot of people don't realize this but babies are born with little to no pigment in their skin- a lot do them start off as a reddish purplish color despite race and ethnicity, and as they start breathing they will turn a pale to bluish color, before their normal color sets in. A lot of babies who are of African or Asian decent are born with grayish to brown colored eyes until they hit the light exposure and they eventually change to their true brown color to black color. Not only that but the baby is mixed- genetics can do crazy things. An interracial couple had twin girls and one girl came out with Caucasian features and the other girl came out with African features. Sometimes a biracial baby will come out with more features from one race than the other, and he is just going to have to so his research and get over it. My mom is half Hispanic and half white- guess what? She has more Caucasian features. She has light skin, dark hair, and blue green eyes. Her brother has dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. My cousin is white with blonde hair and blue eyes and his wife is black. All of his kids have the kinky and course hair like their mother, lighter complexions and blonde hair and blue eyes. There is never a proper mixture with genetics.

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