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Coworker Died But I Don't Feel Bad About It

A coworker recently died. Everyone seems so shocked and saddened, and her obituary is glowing - it makes her sound so great, but I didn't like her - I thought she was a jerk and I thought she had an unpleasant personality. When I read the things about her, I just wanted to shout, "That's not true!" I guess I'm still mad at her for the selfish, dishonest things she did. Should I feel guilty or ashamed?

Coworker Died But I Don't Feel Bad About It

Everyone deals with death in their own way. There is nothing wrong with how you are feeling, nor should you feel guilty or ashamed. Even though you didn't like her much, it looks as though you are in shock. I only have one piece of advise, a quote from my recently belated Mother, "You should never speak ill of the dead" (although it is ok to do so here). Let the anger go. She's gone, and the unpleasant personality you have had to deal with is gone as well.

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