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Where do I stand?

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My my girlfriend of 5 months and I recently split up a few weeks ago, I felt it was time seeing as she treated me bad and took me for granted, while I was with her, I became good friends with another couple, the girl of which was best friends with my ex, and I had become quite good friends with the guy. Anyways the other couple ended their relationship a couple months ago and the girl and I became quite close as I got neglected by my ex. She persuaded me to break up with her while I was still with my girl, and she even kind of started to kiss me on the lips and hold my hand after a few drinks. So I split up with my girl and me and this other girl (her best friend) became close these past couple weeks, going round getting drunk, going out, just three of us with her other friend whos really geeky and we make fun of in a nice way u know. But shes always talking to me telling me her secrets she even told me once she loves me (i dont know what sense) always texing eachother behind her ex's back (she still lives with her ex) coming round my house. We always kiss on the lips when we say bye aswell. I really like this girl and i hoped it would go to the next level when she called me up late (2am) wanting to get away and i said come round to mine and we had a few drinks, till my housemate came in drunk and waited till I was out the room to ask if she liked me and she said to him it was complicated because she lives with her ex and i just broke up with mine. I came back he walked out and she refused to drink for the rest of the night so i walked her home, went to kiss her on lips for goodbye as usual and she got freaked out and turned into awkward hug. I felt really awkward after that I thought i did something wrong until she called me up a couple days later and said she wanted to make known that we are just friends nothing more and that I should find a different girl like my ex (even though she said I should never have gone out with my ex) and she said she still wanted to chill with me without the awkwardness. So I just went along with it and said I just wanna be friends. But I think she likes me deep down but shes too afraid to be with me cos of her ex, and my housemate thinks the same, we go to cinema together, text eachother constantly, get drunk together. Her boyfriend used to hit people who hugged her so if he finds out what we been doing id get a black eye. I just want to know where I stand, what do you think? she really secretly like me or not?

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