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Unsure of what to do with boyfriend

i am going out with this boy and i have known him since pre-school and we started going out 6  months ago but now we dont talk or hang out together or see each other at school-not even at lunch- i know he still likes me but he has stopped talking to me or even achknowledging that i am there. i still want to go out with him but i want him to treat me like his girl friend ...HELP!! should i give him a second chance or should i dump him?

Unsure of what to do with boyfriend

How do you know he still likes you? He is ignoring you. :( 1. Why has he changed? Why doesn't he hang out with you any more? 2. Does he know how you feel? 3. If he knows how you feel, and he does not even talk to you then it's over. So now . . . you are free to move on and find another guy.

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