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Any suggestions welcomed

Before I begin I am going to say it may be hard to fallow all of this but I am going to do my best explain everything so it's easy to understand everything. I have had a history of horrible relationships. From guys who would talk down to me to guys who would hit to even who sexually assaulted me countless time. After awhile i decided that it was time to just take break from the whole dating world and work on me for a little bit. After being single for four years I met someone. At first I was clear and told him I wasn't looking for a relationship but a friendship would be nice. He agreed that a friendship would be nice. We hit it off so well. It was like we were twins. For once in my life i could be myself completely around a guy and no worry about what he was going to think of me or any of that crap. I was able to be totally honest with him and he was always honest with me. A few years into our relationship I started noticing that I had feelings for him. I hid this from him for months almost a year. Finally it was a drunken night when I finally told him how I felt. come to find out he felt the same way about me. Even though we had been friends for years and we both agree that we wanted to try a relationship we also agreed to start out slow. It was the first time i honestly felt loved. Three months into our relationship he got a job promotion which meant he had to move over seven hundred miles away. He decided he was going to take the job and we both agreed we would try to do the long distance thing. It was so hard. We were both so busy with our jobs that we rarely talked. We went from talking more than once a day to maybe talking for ten minutes a week. Things slowly started to fall apart. We saw it was falling apart and decided that with the distance we should just call of the romantic part of our relationship. Things were a little bitter between us but we both got over the hurt. He is still my best friend. Last year when my mom died he flew back here to be here with me which was hard because i leaned on him too much and we did have sex. That was 8 months ago. Since then he got another job promotion which has done it so he isn't as busy and he has called me everyday since my mom's passing to check in on me and he makes a point to talk to me online as well. I recently told him that I never stopped loving him and he told me he loves me too but he doesn't want a relationship. I'm not sure what to do. He doesn't want a relationship but he is always there for me and i am always there for him. When he is horny I'm the first person he contacts. I care about him so much and i really don't want to lose him as a friend or whatever he maybe to me now. I think its time to move on but i don't know how or if i really should.

Any suggestions welcomed

Stop sleeping with him. If he's truly a good friend to you, and I hope that he is, then the loss of sex with you shouldn't be that big of a problem for him. Especially considering the fact that he doesn't want a relationship with you - in other words, he's seeing and sleeping with other women. Let him know you respect his decision to not go back into a relationship, but because of that, you're going to have to stop sleeping with him and that you're really looking forward to rediscovering one another as friends without sex mucking up the place. His response will tell you exactly how he feels about you. Also, he might talk "real pretty" and then come visit and make the moves. You have to stand by your decision. That's on you. I'll hope along with you that he won't even try and actually has some respect for you as a person and friend. Be well.

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