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(Updated) Why the sudden break up?

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Sorry for the repeat post but I wanted to add post-breakup info...

1) We dated for 4 months, got to know each other over the course of a year
2) We're teens
3) His reason for dumping me was that he just wasn't ready for a relationship, but he said that we could still be friends
4) He seemed VERY INTO ME until one week prior to the break up, when he was a little less physically affectionate and didn't see me quite as often (but that could be because of parental intervention--see 9).
5) Up until MINUTES before the break up he texted me ALL throughout the day (as he always did after we started dating) asking about my opinions, interests, what I was up to, giving me updates about his life, saying good night, etc.
6) I was recovering from surgery... so maybe he just texted all the time because he felt bad for me? We discussed many other things beyond how I was recovering though
7) He bought me flowers about a week before the break up due to my injury
8) He always kept up with doing me little favors/being a gentleman
9) One of his parents (who he is VERY close to/who he allows to control nearly his ENTIRE life) made it clear they did not like him dating. They wouldn't allow us to be completely alone together.
10) He is very passive and aims to please his parents first and foremost
11) I was his first gf. As far as I know he hasn't dated in the months since.
12) I said I couldn't be friends for a while because I didn't trust him. He sent the last text saying he was sorry, and neither one of us has initiated contact since.
13) After, he didn't help me with my injury, but acted like a polite stranger up until last month. Now, he acts like I don't exist.
14) I've actively avoided him, making sure he was uninvited from a gathering of mutual friends.

Why do you think he broke up with me? Did he lose attraction? Did his parent make him? Was he truly just not ready? Please be honest. Thank you!

(Updated) Why the sudden break up?

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Something happened behind the scenes that you weren't aware of. Just because he says he's not ready for a relationship, doesn't mean it's true. Time will tell on that score, won't it. But what some men who wish to sample A.N. Other do is, go off in search but meanwhile keep you in reserve, ready and waiting in the wings, via remaining "friends".

Repeat after me: Sorry, boy-o, but if I'd needed more friends then you and I would only ever have BEEN friends.

If you didn't do something he found insulting in the run-up as was one insult too far (doubtful), then he was clearly planning all along to dump you but was just waiting for the right moment - e.g. another girl finally saying yes to a date - meanwhile acting normal in case it turned out he needed to keep you after all.

Belfish, using sugger.

Sorry to have to tell you - this is very common at the 3-4 month stage with such types. They might like you and fancy you but have decided that you're not in-love material longer term (e.g. his parents' pressuring), but that you'll do in preference to nothing whilst they search for your replacement.

His loss! Tell him you're not interested in being his friend, and "Neeeeeext!..."

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