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Emotional advice Dear all

i want to seek your advice over a recent development in my life. I am single 31 years, no GF. I recently met a women 35, attaractive, Seperated having a kid around 8 years old.
I am attarcted to her and even she is attaracted towards me as i read it from her body language.

Problem: She has gone through a lot, A spoiled husband, ill mother, his family has abandoned. She is full of personal disasters.
Now she has openly told me that she will seek only for someone who can protect her and care for her.

My Problem: I am attaracted to her but i can't promise a thing. It will complicate my life immensly. though i like her company but i never have made advances and never will but i fear she will make advances.
I think it will be difficult to avoid. What shall i do?
i need some of yours useful suggestion.
This is totally complicated for me.



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Well since you can't make any sort of committment to her like she would like..just let her know that you can ONLY be a friend and never anything more because it wouldn't be fair to her for you to start acting like more then a friend and for you to end up bailing on her because she would expect more from you and you're not willing to give that.At least by being her can be there for her as a friend only...


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Thanks Purplekitty

I think you are right. Staying just friends is the best idea otherwise it will complicate lives.
thanks for your suggestion. I highly appreciate

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