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Does he have a crush on me

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So there is a guy in my class, friendly and funny. My two friends started to say that he has a crush on me this year. He invited me to dance at the school dance (we all have to go to it and if we don't choose our partners dance teacher will pick them for us) and when we are rehearsing and I walk out to talk to my friends he says "Emma, why do you run from me?" and etc. Yesterday we talked a bit while going home and fact is that he acted kind of shy, which is so not him, in school he always asks for my advice but he sits behind me, so.... I just want to know if he fancies me or not? P.s. my friends said he is looking a me a lot, but they said the same'bout other guy last year and although we promised each other we won't do that again I don't really trust them.

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