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Boy Advice Please Help!

Recently around December I started dating a guy, let's call him Nick. Nick was so sweet and he was so kind. Before we dated I was dating a different guy, let's call him William. I was stuck in a love triangle in that point. I chose Nick in the end though of course. Nick and I were opposites, but opposites attract. One day, he told me he loved me (He never said I love you to a girl before, because he never met the one) I felt shocked, but I knew I loved him too. We always met at the park and we held hands. We walked home together from school and everything you can ever imagine. We exchanged christmas gifts also. Recently though, it became so awkward and then we broke up. My friend convinced him that he didn't mean it and we should get back together, so we did. We only lasted a day and we broke up because of how awkward it is. I asked him if he still loved me or liked me, and he said he does, but he doesn't also. It broke me so much. I really did love him and I still cry about him. His best friend told me that he likes me only a little bit, but I like him a lot. We have those awkward glances during school. (He's a year younger also) I'm transferring to a different high school though, so I might not ever see him again. What do I do? Please Help.

Boy Advice Please Help!

There will be many loves pass through your life. He sounds like he was the first serious one. You can allow him to slip out of your heart, now. (Thanks for the memories) Your new school will bring new experiences. Go there with an open heart and open eyes. Or you will miss all the fun!

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