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Online Dating advice Hi,call me Eve.

Just so U know, this is my first time writing a problem online.To be more specific, it's not my problem but I have a feeling it will be soon... :(

I'm still a highschooler and relationships are one of the biggest issue.

A guy in my class always goes hitting on girls right after a break-up with his girlfriend.One of them were me and believe it or not, he was my first love...Sadly. We never got together... mostly my fault for not taking step ahead.But now I'm glad I didn't go out with him because I learnt something 'bout him.

'Cuz He's terrible.He cheats on girls and when his girlfriend dumps him instead of trying to move on he takes revenge!
He takes revenge by blackmailing(like seriously!), by looking for another girl to make 'em jealous, by humiliating her everywhere she goes and etc.

One day he found a girl,lets call her Hanna, she went to a different school from ours...She had no idea 'bout how messed up this guy was be 'cuz he was pretending to be sweetheart.

I heard they broke up recently, now he's looking for someone new(though they just broke-up).

My cous' commented on a post on my timeline(on Facebook) and that guy saw her profile pic. and told me to talk to her into being friend with him. At that time I had no idea he broke up with Hanna.

I told my cous' 'bout him. She said she's not interested. I told him that she doesn't wanna date an understudy.

Now my question is, why is he so obsessed 'bout dating someone? Right after getting dumped he goes around looking for someone new.That idiot even told everyone he was dating my cous'... -_-


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Btw, It's not 'bout online dating, my bad...


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hi eve
this is a issue that i haven't heard of but i like a challenge. im also a highschooler so im not one of these professionals that have no idea what they are talking about . hopefully most of the girls at your school know to stay clear of him . also from what i have heard he is probably extremely cocky, and this means you need to tell him other whys. if he says that he likes you or any of your other friends tell him that no one wants to go out with him and the truth about him , but there is nothing you can do really about it . but back to your question this guy obviously isn't in a proper reltionship what i mean by that is he doesn't actually like the girls he is going out with and that he will go for any girl that looks at him and thinks they have feelings for him. this guy thinks he is a stud but from what you have said i think otherwise. if you wanna know anything else or any other problems then just contact me, or just looking for a chat just contact me ;)

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