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Emotional dependance

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I'm a 18 year old girl who's gone through alot in life,i never knew what its like to have someone to love and care for me or even being able to trust another person but myself until i met my boyfriend. We've been together for a year now and no its not always been perfect between us but we're always trying to make things work and no matter what,at the end of the we could still be in love like the first day we met or more but i just started realising im way too dependant on him emotionally.Its like i couldnt survive without him,im always feeling frustrated when he's not around and tho he didnt do anything to make me lose trust in him i starting to trust him less and less like a part of me says trust him another says dont,plus ive grown this stupid fear of losing him in me,i feel like if he left me i wouldnt be able to live and i know thats stupid,its the most stupid feeling i ever had and i just want it to stop,i dont wanna be so dependant on him but idk how to. So i just thought maybe i could get some advice on here or someone please just tell me how to stop being so dependant on him emotionally.

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