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Parents don't like Girlfriend

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on Feb 2 2015 at 17:08
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Relationship advice Hello everyone,

I am a senior in high school. So, about 7 months ago, my girlfriend of two years and I broke up. No one cheated on the other or was mean during the break up. Things were just ready for a bit of a break. I really loved this girl, and everyone knew it. We had grown up together. Well anyway, as time went on I realized that I did not want to lose this girl, however she was not ready to begin dating me again, which I can't blame her for. She needs to make her own decisions. However, I was very upset/depressed at this point.

The people who could see my depressed state the most at this time were of course my parents (being in high school, I still live at home.) They were eager to help me move on and become the happy son they were so used to. However, now me and my old girlfriend have started to become interested with each other again. We've been talking for the last three months and it is clear that these feelings are real. However, my parents are not quite "thrilled" about this. They say I need to move on and forget her. I can't do this, I'm not ready to leave her.

I should say that while we were initially dating, my parents loved her. They would never do anything to break us up, but now they just want what is best for me. I know they have good intentions but don't I need to make my own decision? Shouldn't I decide? Do you think it is a good idea to be with this girl again?

If so, how can I help my parents see past their reservations and have them respect my decision? I need advice!

Parents don't like Girlfriend

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on Feb 2 2015 at 17:34
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Your parents don't trust the longevity of "young love." So they are worried that you might "crash" again if you start up with her. They must have been very worried about you when you broke up. And don't want to go thru that again!!

Assure them that you have learned your lesson (about getting WAY TOO dependent upon a girl at such a young age) and that you know there is a long future ahead of you which may or may not include her.

Then YOU have to believe that, too. After all, college looms just around the corner and all kinds of changes will happen then.

Parents don't like Girlfriend

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SOULMATE (moderator)
on Feb 3 2015 at 01:36
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