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Picking up the pieces

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Well where to start with a brief introduction... In April 2013 I started talking to a man online he worked away but we spoke daily & built up a relationship of sorts before meeting. In June we met and became exclusive and by October I moved with my 2 children, from a previous marriage, to be with him. Everything seemed t go really well and we planned a baby together and he spoke of marriage when my divorce came through. We had a couple of breaks when I thought we had minor disputes as all couples did and he finished it but on the whole I thought we were really good.

In February we found out I was expecting his first born - a son he'd always wanted. In August he proposed with a gorgeous white platinum custome made ring engraved with Latin wording for 'hand in hand - forever'.
September we viewed a few wedding venues and booked the wedding for August 2015. And October weeks before our son was due he walked out.

I was devastated. I wanted to go back to my home town just to escape it all, but in my head this is home now. It was isolating, scary and tough. I thought Id never stop crying. Id beg him back and then when realising he wasn't coming back Id push his efforts of friendships away. I wished I'd never have to see him again so I could get over him.

He met a new girl, pretty, blonde and 24 (I'm 30). It cut me really badly. She moved in with him pretty much straight away & they've been together 2 months now.
He says she's logical and not emotional like me so they're a better match. It appears she's everything I'm not

Picking up the pieces

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I don't know where the rest of this text went.

Anyway... So I was really hurt that he could move on so easily and replace me.
I won't deny I thought I too would try to move on as he had but for me it just showed me I can't im still in love with him and I'm only fooling myself. I don't understand how he could having seen myself you can't just substitute people like that no matter how you try.

I just wish he could tell me he walked prematurely, misses me and although he's never coming back now he's with her Id then be able to feel I wasn't fooled and played the whole time. How did he have me believing so much that he loved me enough to marry me and yet the first place he took his new hot upgrade from me was the very pub he proposed to me at

Picking up the pieces

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I am so sorry to hear of your struggles with this man -- no matter how much you feel you love him, he has really treated you horribly and you have all the right in the world to be sad, angry and upset with him. I strongly urge you to get counseling to work through these complicated feelings, if you at all can. You should also make sure that your children are doing ok after this shakeup in their lives, too. Ask friends or family to visit and help you get through the early months of caring for your new baby, so that you can also spend time with your older children and reassure them that even though their stepdad-to-be is no longer in the picture, you still love them and will always be there for them. And do make sure that Mr. Walk-Out pays you child support. Sell the ring he gave you and spend the money on a new haircut, personal trainer, part-time help with the kids, a spa day -- whatever will help you feel good about YOURSELF.

This will sound harsh, but any man who would treat you the way this guy did, is a loser, and you deserve way better than that. In the moment this must feel like you'll be heartbroken for the rest of your life, but he will NOT be your last love. Life is long, and after taking some time to heal, you will find somebody wiser, kinder, and better for you.

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