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Long and complicated problem

This is a long and complicated problem I carried with me and developed for so long, I would thank anyone who will even read this because this is the first time I am sharing it. I am 15, the shy and smart kind of person,and have moves many times in my life, the two major ones happens three ears ago(migrated to Canada) and 4 months ago(moved really far away in Canada) So this is the second time I completely stopped talking with any friends I know,and had to meet new ones and adopt in a new school and society. My last school was really easy for me study wise(easy school,I am gifted) but as in most of my last schools I was called a nerd and minor oh bullied(not that bad though) and here comes my first part of the problem: I have redicoulesly low self esteem and confidence and I became even more shy than I was ever before, and I don't think I even need to mention i never had a girlfriend or was in any kind of relationship. Now I moved to a school that is really,really hard. If before I had time to go to the gym,or play video games, today I have no free time at all. I am in a new school,with new people and I have to start over again. But this time, I get a small depression every week,really stressed out and don't have any free time. I think some girls are kind of interested in me but I am way too shy. My parents are working really hard to pay for hat school and they don't really care how stressed an I, they are just glad I am learning a lot. But they never asked me how I do and I don't have much time to talk to them so I never told them how everything in my life is falling apart. The main point: I am super stressed,have to meet new people by am very shy and my parents don't know how I feel, I am usually felling depressed and sad

Long and complicated problem

First thing you absolutely MUST do is talk to your mom and/or dad. If they won't take your feelings seriously, maybe your school has a counselor you could talk to. If not, a teacher you feel you can trust. If none of those options do anything for you, maybe you could talk to your doctor about it or maybe there is a community teen help center of some kind. If you do not address your stress and weekly bouts of depression, it could begin to adversely affect learning, at the very least.

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