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I need someone's help, please.

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so i have this friend and she was talking to this boy inschool who i strongly hate with a passion. he made her give him a handjob in the school toilets and that was last year. a few weeks ago she told me she had a text off him saying if you ever want to do anything more to go and see him. he started spreading that it was all fake and she had started the rumour and it hadn't happened when it had. the other day she came out that just after the message when she was with him alone he made her suck him off and she didnt want to. since last year she has been very depressed about the whole subject and i need some advice on what to do about it all. i dont know to go down the revengeroot and make everyone realise that he's horrible and he done this to her or the smart root and say nothing. me and my other friends are worried that something else had happened to her and that she's lost her virginity with him because she's having constant mood swings and she wouldn't tell us something like that

I need someone's help, please.

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Ok I am going to be very direct.
You need to get this stopped. You need to take action yourself. Because obviously she isn’t since she is allowing this to continue. This is called sexual assault, (assuming you’re in America.) And assuming that she’s tellin the truth. You need to get hard evidence and report this to first the school, if nothing happens from that. Then you need to take it up another level, to the police if your parents aren’t the kind to help.
Here’s why. Because if you don’t and you allow this crime, that’s what it is, to continue. Her future is going to be hellish. Because things like this mess with someone’s thought process and personality. It changes the way they think for as long as it takes until they finally start seeing clearly that they can recover from such an injustice.
Now, it is moments like these that will weed out those who SAY they are friends of this person, and who actually ARE friends of this person. Real friends do what needs to be done, they don’t allow another friend to sink when they can help them. They understand that any moment of discomfort to help someone is only a moment in time that could affect the rest of another friends life. Moments like these in an individual’s life will define who they become. If ever you have wondered where that heroic moment that is so big that can change who you are. Its this subtle moment, this difficult question about what to do.
It’s not the Test that will decide whether you graduate, you can retake it. It’s a piece of paper. It is not the high school football pass you threw and won the entire season that will change your life. People are going to grow up and get a job. Some will go to prison, some will get married, some will become rock stars and others politicians. There may be one or two moments in their entire life after they have all the problems of adulthood where they think back to the highschool football game and remember that jock who threw that touch down in highschool, and there's a high probability they'll need to look up his name.
It is this very moment that you are making your decision on what do about this situation that is going to shape who and what you become. This will decide whether you can stand up against difficult things when others cannot. This kind of decision is that big. These deceptively small challenges in APPEARANCE are always underestimated on just what kind of impact they are going to create. Because its moments like these where you’re going to remember what action you took later on when you’re confronted with the same question from someone else down the road and you are going to have to live with yourself in the choice you made. You can’t rewind time. Did you do everything you possibly could, to literally save this individual from a future that could wreak havoc on her life? Will you be able to be proud of your own actions or are you gonna have a learning lesson your never gonna forget when she’s ruined her own life because she sees no value in herself later on down the road and lets herself be abused and used by shmucks like this guy?
You wouldn’t be here asking for help if you didn’t have good intentions or if you weren’t a good friend. So become her best friend. Do what is hard, do what may even get her mad at you because you can see what she can’t in her fragile state of mind. I am saying these things from experience, I’ve succeeded and ive failed. And my failures to act in certain situations, in some cases inability to act. Are now lessons that I can’t change or do anything about but pass on the knowledge i gained from the experience to you.

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