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Stuck in a rut!

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not sure where to start...ive been with my fella two years and feel really unhappy. i split from a long controlling relationship 3 years ago and now im stuck in a mentally abusive one. i dont have any family to turn to as that part of my life is a complete mess too. i lost all my friends because of my last fella. i love my boyfriend very much but it just feels like a joke, he gets angry so easy and throws things around and a couple of times kicked me in the back and drags me around by my hair. ive had a good few bruises and a scar on my forehead, he says hes sorry and that he never remembers doing it. my confidents is completly gone. he tells me i look like a tramp and had better looking girls than me. i havnt got a job and never leave the front door as now i suffer anxiety and deppression. i have know where to go or what to do next. im scared of being on my own

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