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Can teen long distance relationships work?

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Long Distance Relationship advice On January 24, I went to my friends birthday party. We're 16 years old, and her mom lives two counties over with her step dad and step brother. We went to her house, and some of her step brothers friends were there. So I had never met any of the guys that were going to be there.
Her step brothers friend, Ethan, and I really hit it off, which isn't surprising because my friend Krista has been jokingly trying to get us together for two months. We talked all night, and we fell asleep next to each other on the couch. It was nothing inappropriate, but it was something neither of us had ever really done before (and her parents were there the whole time and saw nothing wrong with it). The next morning, he went to go get breakfast for all of us. When the girls, he gave me a weird hug thing. Almost immediately, I got a message from him on social media that he really enjoyed meeting me and asked for my number. I gave it to him.
We immediately realized that we genuinely liked each other, and our text conversations moved to mushy compliments and heart-faced emojis. We talk everyday via text, and we call and facetime each other whenever we possibly can.
We've only hung out once, but it was for a two-day time period at the party. We desperately want to get together again, but the 59-minute travel distance between us is keeping that from happening because we both have busy schedules.
This isn't just a fake- teenage romance, i feel like this is real. He mailed me a package with a dozen roses and chocolate for Valentine's Day. He pays me genuine, heart-felt compliments. This relationship is going somewhere, but he has the same prerequisite as me. We need to spend quality, face to face time with one another before we become official. The issue is, he can drive, but I can't. And he can't legally drive with me in his truck yet.
I'm desperately hoping that we can do this, but I need to know how to keep it alive when we're an hour away from each other. Any tips??

Can teen long distance relationships work?

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One piddly hour? Try nine! *Then* you'll know what long-distance is! That was the distance I and my now-husband had to navigate to get to see each other regularly enough (1-2 weeks every 6th week, taking it in turns) for over a year before he moved to the UK.

As for busy schedules: nobody has time, we *make* time. So you're both going to have to lose something from your schedules, aren't you.

If he can drive, what's the problem? He'll just have to come to you (with you offering to help with the petrol cost if need be) until such time as he *can* drive with a passenger. Alternatively, what about you taking the train or coach when it's your turn to visit?

Is this REALLY about distance or is what you're actually asking this: Should I bother getting into this and getting attached enough to risk heartbreak or are long(ish) distance relationships automatically doomed from the start?

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