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Need advice!!! Please no bashing!!!

I'm 23 with a 6 year old daughter. I haven't had much luck in the love department, I've been avoiding any kind of relationship for the pass 6 years cause I'm so afraid ill get hurt like I did with my childs father! But I did meet a guy at work and my coworker talked me into going on a date with him. I did and I was so nervous but i turned out really good. Hes kind, sweet and smart a total catch and not what im use to. He finish school with a masters and teaches at one of my old schools. I only have a GED. He makes me really think about my future and I enjoy hearing all his stories from high school and college, since I never went myself. Im really into him but i dont know how he feels. We talk almost daily, we never go two days with out talking. I also go to his house on fridays that I can and stay the night. I'm confused to what we really are, we act like a couple when together we are together. We cuddle and stay up all night talking and just have a good time and i know he cares for me. But i want more and when I asked him where this friendship is going he said he hasnt put to much thought into it and that hes just in the moment and really enjoying my company! I want more! I havent had real feelings in a long time and it scares me, I wanna talk to him about it I dont wanna ruin our friendship!And im a little scared. What should I do? These are the reasons I dont date!! I dont like not knowing !! and on top of all this hes a black man and Im white. Everyone knows but my dad ive been avoiding telling him. No matter what he says my feelings for this guy wont change and ill continue to see him, I just dont wanna have that fight!

Need advice!!! Please no bashing!!!

Sounds like he does not want to commit and is saying everything except "Do you want to be my friend with benefits?". NO YOU DONT! It wont get you anywhere but with a broken heart. Doesn't matter if you are white and he is black. Adults have to stop allowing their parents to control them. That's part of being an adult. So just tell him how you feel and that you want to go onto the next level of acknowledging your relationship with one another for what it is...A relationship and not a hook up. If he cant do that, cut him off and move on.

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