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Long distance relationships??

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On January 24, I went to my friends birthday party. We're 16 years old, and her mom lives two counties over with her step dad and step brother. We went to her house, and some of her step brothers friends were there. So I had never met any of the guys that were going to be there.
Her step brothers friend, Ethan, and I really hit it off, which isn't surprising because my friend Krista has been jokingly trying to get us together for two months. We talked all night, and we fell asleep next to each other on the couch. It was nothing inappropriate, but it was something neither of us had ever really done before (and her parents were there the whole time and saw nothing wrong with it). The next morning, he went to go get breakfast for all of us. When the girls, he gave me a weird hug thing. Almost immediately, I got a message from him on social media that he really enjoyed meeting me and asked for my number. I gave it to him.

We immediately realized that we genuinely liked each other, and our text conversations moved to mushy compliments and heart-faced emojis. We talk everyday via text, and we call and facetime each other whenever we possibly can.

On Friday, he came down here, and we went on a double date with some friends. He met my parents, and I met his mom. He was perfect. He pulled out my chair, and paid for my movie ticket. During the movie, it was kind of awkward. He didn't hold my hand, but was like...stroking my leg. It was cute, in an awkward, unexperienced kind of way.

This isn't like a fake, teenage romance. I feel like this could be real, but we dont want to "make it official" until we're actually alone and in person. I want to keep it going, and so does he. I know that this relationship is worth the work, because it's going to be a lot of effort to get together.

Any tips on how to keep it alive, even when we aren't together? And how to make it work in general????

Long distance relationships??

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"This isn't like a fake, teenage romance."...No darling it isn't. It may be happening during your teenage years, of which you are still growing and learning, but it is real. All events, relationships, problems, mistakes, loves and losses, and day to day experiences make up who you are and will always stick with you.

However, you are only 16, and thinking "forever" right now doesn't always work in one's favor. With that being said, I know many people who met while in high school who are still married today. But I know even more who didn't make it that far. So all I'm saying is to not get too far ahead of yourself right now. It's still the beginning and you two have lots to learn about each other.

If you are 16, and assuming he isn't far off in age either, then the two of you will be acquiring a drivers license soon, if not already? Just be good kids and follow your parents rules. Show them they can trust you so that they will be more inclined to let you guys see each other, and make the commute across two counties. But please see each other responsibly (sleeping with him at your friends house, even if innocently, is not something I would imagine your parents would approve of, even if the parent of that household didn't care).

And keeping it alive wont be a problem if you just be YOURSELF! Whenever you can't see him for awhile, the facetime and texting will just have to do until you start driving. Hope this helps!

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