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Having difficulty in choosing life pathway

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Other advice I'm an introvert person and 21 years old. Personally, I really like to do everything alone.

I'm currently still studying. After the graduation(october 2015), I don't like to continue work in the manufacturing field but I still can persist to work for the next 3 years.
In fact, I used to remember I like to discover anything in this world and help the others/animals or charity. I do truly interested in photography and considering to get a diploma(at least) but I barely have the funds to pursuit the diploma even after the 3 years of working.

On the other hand, I love women, I'm not really shy and would like to find a girl to have an attitude like me. Unattractive can still work as long as she likes to do what I liked to do for life. Sounds easy here, but I knew it's hard to bring into line nowadays. Have been in a relationship before, unfortunately it was a bad one. I haven't had any friends in my life circle. If I switched into photography and do what I interested in, I rarely have a time being with my future girlfriend/partner, whereas it may lead to break up.

However, my mother keeps encourage me to find a girlfriend after the graduation(work). If I have a partner one day, will that partner bear and living with me in that kind of life? I felt this is imbalance for her and financial consideration too. I wouldn't mind I ended up being alone for the rest of my life but hoping I can get what I wanted.

Sorry for my bad english.

Having difficulty in choosing life pathway

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It's not unheard of, not at all, for amateur photographers to work their way up the professional ladder, usually via photographic competitions and weddings and the like. I have a male friend who did just that (he was a graphic designer). The academic route is not the only fruit, is what I'm saying.

ALSO, you'd be surprised how easily one can stop loving a hobby if said hobby turns into ones workaday chore.

Hang on a minute! Suddenly we're switching to women/your love-life? And now friends?

I'm not sure you're ready for advice because you don't seem to know what precise hole it is you have in you that needs filling. Don't you think you should identify this first or if loneliness is the crux, identify which type of diversion is your first priority? If you can manage that and secure that bung, I think you'll find all the rest will naturally fall into place.

Here you go... What if I said you could have EITHER a girlfriend, a best friend, or to become firmly established on your choice of career ladder, but you could only have ONE for the next 2 years - which would you chose?

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