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Married but alone

Married but very much alone. Just looking for some online companionship, someone to chat with whether it is just listening and encouraging one another or whether it involves some online adult fun or some of both.

Married but alone

...and this is the reason you're're ont dealing with your issue....which is to just get the freaking divorce and please don't be one of those people who love to use their kid or kids as an excuse on why they can't get a divorce..that's bull.instead of trying to find someone to listen to you go on about how 'lonely' you are in your need to either get out of it or talk to your marriage partner period.If you feel the need to talk to someone who probably will have lower self-esteem issues then you...since those are the ones who love to chat with people whom they know are NOT single...then go ahead but you're not dealing with your real problem.

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