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My Fiancé Has Had Webcam Sex With Someone Online

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on Mar 2 2015 at 12:47
Member since: 02 March 2015
Relationship advice I have been with my partner for almost 3 years and I am very much in love with him. This issue began with me finding emails in his trash inbox (they were found innocently, I was not snooping) the emails were screenshots of snapchat images. The images were of young (18+) nude girls that were posing. I immediately asked him about them and he was sorry for what he'd done. I asked him if the pictures were sent to his personal snapchat and he said no, he claimed that he took them from a Twitter account. He deleted the emails straight away. He said that he kept them in his email so he would have easy access to them. The emails were sent between another email address that I wasn't aware that he had. Obviously I was upset with him and there is a slight doubt in my mind that he didn't get them from a Twitter page but they were sent to him directly.

The next problem I have is I needed to see the name of an app on his phone that he downloaded for me ages ago so I asked to see his purchase history. He was very guarded and wouldn't let me see it. This immediately made me wary and I was quite persistent in wanting to see it. after lots of silent moments, he eventually confessed that he had downloaded dating apps and chatting apps in which you have conversations with random people. After lots of pressing from myself, he said that he had spoken to young girls on the Internet to flirt with them. He also said that he has been on a webcam and had sexual conversations with another girl whilst she has been nude doing God knows what. I am heartbroken, naturally. After confessing this, he said that he spoke to these other people as he has depression and needed "validation" and "acceptance" from other people. He went on to say that he has suicidal thoughts very often. Since then, we have been to the doctors and got anti depressants Etc. I just don't know what to feel, I feel betrayed but then at the same time I feel like I need to help him through these tough times. I need some guidance or other people's opinions.

My fiancé has had webcam sex with someone online
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on Mar 2 2015 at 17:32
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Time will be the great revealer here. The meds will have to kick in and then his behavior will show you how he will live his life. leveling out and able to pay attention to your relationship, or still in constant need of this kind of "validation and Acceptance."

I hope he is getting one on one counseling in addition to the meds, too.

Take care of yourself, in the meantime.

My fiancé has had webcam sex with someone online
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on Mar 2 2015 at 21:06
Member since: 02 March 2015
You experience is very similar to mine i feel i have been betrayed by my partner as he visit chatrooms and says he is doing nothing wrong, he too is under alot of stress at the moment and is currently having councilling, he blames his desires on feeling low self esteem and to not feel lonely. we have a good sexual connection and enjoy alot of sex but i feel hurt by the things he does when i go to be bed like viewing porn and visting chatrooms it breaks my heart as i love him and i want to feel that he is not straying even if its only online.
My fiancé has had webcam sex with someone online
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on May 7 2015 at 15:58
Member since: 07 May 2015
Hope things worked out for you and your guy. I am a guy that is in a similar situation as your beaux.....not proud but just a needy guy that loves attention from beautiful girls. I discovered these sights while on longterm travel in a remote location for work. These sites provide attractive girls that tell you how wonderful you are and make you feel like a man. I love my wife and am incredibly devoted however, these crazy sites can suck you in and be there for your 24/7 to fulfill any need. After a couple weeks I've found myself hooked and feeling these online relationships are real. The reality is that these girls are being paid to be nice, and I am a bit of chump for getting sucked in.

Now I am struggling to break away, but I will......I hope women can be patient and understanding if they find their man in a similar situation. Yes we are selfish and foolish, but we really just want the unrelenting love, adoration and willingness to please from a women.....when we get it we go back and back and back again....

Glad to hear any thought or ridicule


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