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Give Me Your Insight:22 Things

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I could really use your insight. I really love my boyfriend.What can I do to improve this relationship.

My Feelings
1.He expects oral sex but won’t give it.
2.He wants me to spend the night at his house every night but he won’t spend the night at my house when I ask.-Compromise
3.He does not make love to me. He only wants to fuck.
4.He always tells me what to do during sex and I hate that. Too many damn instructions.
5.He can be really mean and arrogant with his statements.
6.He wants me to listen when he talks but does not want to listen when I talk and interrupts me.
7.When we do not agree he says that what I am saying is basic, very condescending.-Communication
8.He has accuses me of sleeping around, hanging out with other guys, and talking to guys that we both know mutually behind his back.
9.When someone else makes a mistake he is very critical of the mistake and blows it out of proportion.-Treatment of others
10.He is concerned about what people think about him.-Insecurity
11.When things happen that are out of his control, he blames himself.-Insecurity
12.When I say that he looks good, instead of taking the compliment he says “Only you can look good.”-Insecurity
13.He always finds something wrong with me whether it is the way I smell, something in my teeth, my face…etc. He always points out some type of flaw about me.
14.When I am talking sometimes he turns away and covers his nose because of my breath. It really hurts my feelings and makes me not want to be around anyone.
15.He always talks about the girls he is used to.
16.He can talk to any female he wants about anything but let a guy call me or ask me a question related to business or school…he trips big time.
17.He always tries to keep me from having a drink or two when I am with my friends. But, always makes me drive and he gets to drink as much as he wants.
18.He gives me all of these instructions when I drive like I don't know what I'm doing.
19.He can say really mean things to me when he is upset.
20.When he gets upset about chapter stuff he puts me in the category with everyone else like I am against him.
21.He says that he doesn't trust me and isn't going to be the fall guy. (even though I have been faithful since we met two years ago, have never cheated, or slept with anyone else for the past two years)
22.He says things like I know you talk to other people, I am just preparing myself. Be prepared when I have a bad girl on my arm.

I feel like I am hurting on the inside and breaking in a way because I really love him. And I want to love him. But, he does not trust me and that hurts because I know that I am faithful. It puts a heavy load on me. He's not perfect, he's not a bad person. Just a brazen ass at times. Sometimes I don’t know how much more I can take. What hurts the most? He does not trust me, he isn't interested in being romantic because he is not use to it, and sexually it’s all about him and what he wants.

Give Me Your Insight:22 Things

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Wow - what a list of things that would make any woman drop this guy?

You say you "love" him. Can you list ONE redeeming quality that makes you stay?

Give Me Your Insight:22 Things

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We have fun together. We are good friends.He is smart, funny, full of life,doing something positive with his life.He can be sweet at times to and he is stable, a role model to students. Being around him can be a lot of fun until he goes into crab mode.What makes me stay?The love of course. But, I guess I stay because of the hope that he will have some grand ole epiphany and stop. He has a big heart and seems to be so afraid to fully open up and let me in. He is afraid of getting hurt. I am afraid that once I decide to leave that he will meet someone else and get married and have this great life and I will be all alone.I can live without him. I know I can. I know I don't deserve this.Sometimes I feel like such a fool for putting up with this. But, he is honestly not a bad guy.I believe that I can be with someone else.I stay because of hope that we can get on the same page.Please help.

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