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Relationship advice Hi ..
I had a happy married life till the time we were just two.even i had a very lovely pregnancy period.But things changed after the little angel came to our life.I am very happy but i feel my husband was not ready for the responsibility.I am a working woman.I look after my job take care of house and baby.He never helps in taking any decision or giving any suggestion with respect to anything.Now life has different priorities and additional responsibilities.But he wants life to still be the same.He just gets up and sits on the couch with remote and then go office and then come back and again sit on the couch.He never helps or speaks something good.where i keep running and working..I am totally exhausted and devastated from within..I don't want to break the relationship for the sake of my angel.Please help.


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So you went and got yourself a practise baby, then had a real one, then expected Baby No. 1 to magically become a full-grown male adult to suit? But two years in and he's still wanting mummy to do it all?

Cripes, I haven't heard that one before! [sarcasm]

Have you sat him down properly and told him in detail how you feel about his lack of adult proactivity in terms of family involvement?

If you have and it's made zero difference, who told you that your angel will be WORSE off having (assuming you'd intend to find a new one) a marital role model in the form of two adults who are both equipped with the adult attitudes and skills for making that marriage something heart-warning to behold?

So have you? And in such a way where he can see you're deadly serious?

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