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Feeling completely stuck in life

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Hey guys, I'm Alex.

I'm currently in my second semester of my first year of Uni. I'm stuck in life. I'm on a course that is completely wrong for me in many ways. Firstly, this is a crippling way of making me feel worse.

I've not been feeling myself since the start of uni, my girlfriend and I are 'long-distancing' our relationship, as shes 230 miles away at uni. I am in love with her so the difficulties that come with being long distance make me very sad.

I feel like my head is a cloud? I can't concentrate on anything! I sit in my room learning more guitar, listening to music and generally shutting down mentally. I can't bring myself to do anything constructive (That I NEED to do for my Uni success.). I hate everything about where I am sometimes. Everything seems too much. I used to be so happy as a person, now I feel completely alone. and sad.

I don't go out, I don't talk much. I sit alone a lot. Feeling bad, then worse, then worse still.

I have a doctors appointment soon for my asthma so I think I'll bring up the issue there and finally ask for help.

This post is the first I've ever told anyone about it. It's not in depth, I know, and really only just scratches the surface of what I feel like, and the Chaos that is inside my head.

I guess bottom line is I'm sick of this 'the path I'm on'. I don't want to study what I study! I want to do arts, I want to explore the world of music! I want to express myself, I want a dog and a low paying job in a guitar shop! I want to be with my family! I want to spend every waking moment with my girlfriend! I can't do any of this! and the way I'm failing my awful and HARD degree is adding to this! I cant keep up and I'm going to crash.

I'd really love to talk to some people about it, today is my first day ever on the site. Please, talk to me.

Feeling completely stuck in life

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My grandson is also in second semester, second year. He changed his major again! I laughed and told him he might even change it again before it's all over.

You say you are on a "path" - why can't it be changed to a music major or hospitality or entertainment business? Are you being pressured by parents to major in something far away from your talents?

This is a time to look at this great big world and pick what you want to explore - but be realistic about it, too. Perhaps you need to take a year off and work (for low pay) in a music store and strum your guitar. Maybe get your associate's degree at a small community college and then transfer back to the UNI.

Be sure to tell your Dr. how you feel. Also, there is a health center on campus that has a mental health department. They have counselors who can help you get thru this. For sure, they have heard similar stories from students, and will help you get a plan.

Have a heart to heart with your parents and tell them what's going on. That will take a lot of courage, but you must feel as though you have some decision making power in your life.

Good luck!

Feeling completely stuck in life

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It's never to late to do what you want to do. Just make sure it's in reason and your completely happy with it. Don't waste time in a career you aren't happy with.

Feeling completely stuck in life

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Why are you studying something you are not happy doing? Money is not everything in this world. And about your girlfriend I think you should let her go being lonely it's not nice but having other ppl in your life will make u feel better. Keep yourself busy with things u love I have never believed in long distance love. I would want my partner next to me

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