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Hearing loss as a teen

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Disability advice So I have had hearing loss since I was little, fitted with one hearing aid in my right ear at 4 years old. My hearing was pretty stable for a long time until 8th grade when I started to lose more hearing in my left year, requiring me to wear two hearing aids. It was a shock because it wasn't a gradual depletion of hearing but a sudden drop of hearing that occurred over-night, follow by intense ringing in the ears that hasn't stopped of 3 years and still continues to this day.

Just recently during a checkup we learned that I indeed lost hearing in my right ear unsuspectingly, making me have to get a stronger hearing aid for that ear.

My problem is the lack of hope for the future and my hearing, what am I supposed to do when I am older, and how can I be successful when i cannot hear what others are saying to me. I already have a hard time communicating to my classmates and friends, i am just not seeing anything get better because unlike other people, my problem will continue to get worst until i am deaf.

I also love my class, percussion ensemble. I love making music with xylophones and the people, but it is hard to think of the damage the sounds of drumline drums make to my ears. Yes, i could wear earplugs but you try giving an already hearing impaired girl earplugs! I mind as well go to class in a bubble.

It's hard to communicate to others and potentially loose something that i love to do. Any motivation would be lovely, and/or advice to help.

Hearing loss as a teen

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You sound very bright and capable of handling life's big challenges. Bravo!

Be sure you are up to date on the latest technology in the hearing loss field. Is there a university or teaching medical hospital you can visit to see what the latest is? Scour the NET, too.

You might want to view the "See What I'm Saying" documentary.

Beethoven was deaf and the Four Season's lead singer, Frankie Valli had years of deafness throughout his career. So don't think you have to give up your love of music.

Good luck!

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