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Relationship problems

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Emotional advice So first of all i am going through a break up a little bit still. We broke up cause we had fallen out of love i guess.
It hurt to leave the relationship but it was best for us both. We needed to see other people because it had become a long distance relationship.
Afterwards, i realized something. I am pretty sure i have bern in love this whole time just not with him.
Not him but this guy (not going to say his real name so ill make one up) John. We are really close but i dont know if he likes me like that.
We have both been through a lot and have shared many a hug to get through our hurts. Day by day we just want to make sure the others okay. I see him everyday at my highschool. We always talk. We both say we are done with relationships but i dont really mean it because i really love him. How do i know if he feels the same way? If i asked i might ruin the friendship. Someone please help!

Relationship problems

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Decide that you will be friends with "John" and let it develop from there - which is exactly what you have been doing.

Let this play out over time. What's the rush?

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