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I'm in love with my best friend

ok, this is a very long story that happened in a very short period of time, but I will try to shorten it. A few months ago, I met this girl on my confirmation retreat for church. I came to grow very strong feelings for her because we grew a very special connection on the trip. The thing was, was that she was dating one of my best friends and was in love with him. I didn't like her too much so it didn't bother me. After about a week, she texted me saying that they had broke up. My other friend who I told about this girl, said that I should tell her I like her now, or else there won't be another chance and I will fall into the friend zone. Since I was very stupid at the moment, I told her. She said that she's going through and tough time and doesn't want to be with anyone. After a few weeks more of texting, I grew stronger feelings for her. That's also when she said, that we could date when she got over her ex. That night, her ex (one of my best friends) texts her calling her a bitch and treating her horribly. The very next day, he texts her asking for her back. She says yes. I was extremely depressed, mad at myself, and mad at her. Basically it ruined my life for, what it felt like a really long time. During the next three months, I grew much stronger feelings for her, and longing for her. That's when I knew I loved her. After praying to god many times to make me happy and normal again, they finally broke up. At this moment I was extremely happy and we started talking a lot again even though she was really upset. I thought that maybe we could be together, but then I realized, that there's another guy standing in my way. He was 2 years older than her, has been arrested 4 times, has over dosed on 4 different types of heavy drugs, and has had sex multiple times with 5 different women and he is a senior in high school. He also was on my church retreat with me and her, and he also grew strong feelings for her as well. He loves her too, and says he wants to marry her and have kids with her. So apparently, the reason why her ex broke up with her was because of this senior that she always talked too. Her ex (my friend) said that if she ever texted him again, he would break up with her. So she texted him, my friend found out, and broke up with her. Even after the break up they kept in touch and talk everyday. I'm extremely paranoid that her and the senior are going to get together, and he will take advantage of her. I told myself not to worry too much, and eventually I stopped worrying. However, yesterday I found out that he asked her to go to prom with him. When I found out I was so upset and flipped out on her because this was the second time she broke my heart. She told me that it was just prom and that they are just friends. The next day I over heard the senior saying that he was going to try and take her virginity that night. I almost lost it and went to go punch him, but I realized how stupid that would be to let my anger take control. So I told her what he planned on doing to her that night, yet she is still going to go to prom with him. I told her, that if she did anything with him, that I would have to leave her and never talk to her again so that I wouldn't have to deal with the pain. The thing I'm confused about, is if she likes him as a friend, then why would she still go to prom with him if she knows what he's going to try to do to her. Also I want to know how to deal with this. Should I move on anyway and leave her, or stick around and hopefully be able to date her eventually. And finally, I didn't mention this in the story, but whenever I don't text her for about a week, and then I text her that day, she seems all excited and happy to see me. But if I text her like 3 days in a row, she seems uninterested, seems like she doesn't want to carry on the conversation, and doesn't want to talk to me. Please tell me what this means, thanks. Sorry this is a lot, and probably confusing.

I'm in love with my best friend

Looks like you're just a fallback for her. This girl like bad boys and she did not treat you seriously. Do not waste your time on her. Find You`re girl! You can start here Believe me there are a lot of girls that you might be interested!

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