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My ex is hurting my new girlfriend and I can't get her to stop?

I broke up with my ex because she was rude, delusional, manipulative, I just had enough of her games. Well about 3 months after breaking up she finds out about my new girlfriend and creates this account all about her and I. The name was (insert my name) and (insert her name and my last name) and she uploaded a bunch of pictures of us from when we were together and of herself. She added all my friends and sent my new girlfriend a friend request and posted a bunch of pictures of us kissing on her wall and even sent my new gf pictures of us having sex!! My new gf is very upset about this and getting very insecure over it. My ex posted screen shots of old text messages I sent to her saying "I love you" and that I would never love anyone else. Now my new gf thinks I'm still in love with my ex! I contacted her and yelled at her to stop and she said "what am I too much for your ugly gf to handle? I am way hotter then she is and now she's gonna see that she will never have 10% of what we had together!" I was in a serious relationship with my ex for 4 years but non of that stuff I said in the past matters anymore. I tried getting the fb taken down but nothing yet.. We try to block her but somehow she gets a hold of us again and send more pictures to my gf! I need a way to scare this crazy head away! But how?

My ex is hurting my new girlfriend and I can't get her to stop?

HOW? By not giving FB so much power in your life!! Ye gads, man. Is that your sum being of existence?? Pity you, if it is. Your ex knows how to get at you - and you took the bait. Close down YOUR FB account after announcing that you are getting into the real world, and will let FB go for a while. Then DO IT. And spend some nice quality time with your new GF. And tell HER to leave FB for a while, too.

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