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I want him so bad

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So my best friend wanted to hang out with this guy she likes and he was bringing a friend along and she asked me to come as well. We went to the movies and hung out afterwards. The friend he brought along was so hot. I am so attracted to him and during the time we were hanging out, he danced with me and made me laugh so much which just made me like him even more. Eventually, my friend and I had to go and she hugged her man goodbye and we left. The whole thing was very friendly but I like him so much and I don't really like guys that often. I haven't ever had a really serious relationship and I tend to lose interest quickly. That night, I texted my friend and said "is it weird if I think that guy's friend is cute?" she then texted me the next morning with a screenshot of her guy's and her conversation and he said "hey, my friend thinks your friend is cute" and she replied saying "she thinks hes cute too" but they agreed not to try and set us up because that would make things awkward and they wanted things to happen naturally so as far as I know, the friend doesn't know I think he's cute. So throughout the week, i can't stop thinking about him but I have no way of talking to him. I found his twitter a couple days ago and followed him but he didn't follow me back and that's kind of the extent of this whole thing but I think about him often and I just want to **** him so bad. I haven't ever gone that far but he's one person that I want to with so bad. It's kind of unsettling because I have never been so attracted to someone like this and here I am thinking that he's probably not even thinking about me. It's so stressful because I obviously can't make a move and my friend is trying to set up another situation where we all hang out again but by then, it'll have been two weeks and this is killing me. I just don't know what to do or if there's anything I can do but I just want to kiss him and be with him so bad. I'm just scared that if/when we do hang, it'll be friendly again and that he wont like me as much as I want him. I don't want be friends, I want to be more than that and if it becomes a relationship or something then great but I can't handle the way its going right now. I don't know if I should be forward with him when we hang and just tell him i think he's ****ing hot or just be light-hearted and flirtatious and friendly. I feel like doing the latter will lead nowhere.

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