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Relationship advice Hey, I got a very useful reply last time I posted, so I thought I'd ask for more advice, thank you.

This one I will keep brief.

There's four girls.. I'll explain this as best I can, no idea what I am doing tbh lol.

Girl A - I mentioned in a previous post, I think I like her more than I let myself believe and I find it difficult to stop interacting with her, even though I know it might be for the best for me for a while. Basically I like her more than she likes me.

Girl B - I am friends with, she however told me she likes me more than that, in fact she cried a bit when I told her I wasn;t interested in her that way. But she we still talk and hang out.

Girl C - I rarely speak to, as she was nice and I knew her for a while, we were just friendly but one night she sent me a drunk text going mental at me for cancelling a night out, I mean really nasty stuff. I avoided her for ages but if I bumped into her I;d speak to her. She messaged me the other day raging again (she worded it as a playful joke, but I can tell it wasn't) as I apparently ignored her earlier that day, I had no texts left to reply to her, so no doubt that's now been taken as an insult.

Girl D - I hung out with a few times, we got on well, we had sex a few times, it was cool. But she's really busy with things so wasn't looking for a boyfriend, which was kinda disappointing but I was cool with it. But I do find myself thinking about her more so now than when we were meeting up.

It's all kinds of messed up to be fair.

Looking at this, it's as if I want the women I can't have and don't want the women I can.. as with Girl D I wasn't too fussed until she said she wasn't after a boyfriend just now. Girls B and C like me more than as mates (though Girl C seems hell bent on falling out with me) and Girl A I blew any chance with years ago, as I wasn't really that into her back then.

I need some advice on how to stop this daft circle I go in. Even if I do stop speaking to these four (Girl A is genuinely a really close friend, any more than friendly feelings for her from me have only really surfaced over the past few months as far as I am aware, so ending our friendship would be a huge loss to me and also to her from what she has said in the past) women I have the feeling that it will just happen again, there's been similar situations most of my adult life.

Any advice would be appreciated, something is obviously going on in my head to get me into these situations, that I will figure out on my own, but for now any suggestions as to how I get myself out of falling into this type of repetitive cycle until I manage to sort my reasons out, would be appreciated greatly.

Thank you.

Self made problems

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Reading this over, I think I might understand my issue. I'm just attention seeking to boost my own ego, not that I mean being arrogant, but I never really got any attention from women until I came out of my shell a couple of years ago and a part of me must thrive on the new attention I get. No wonder girl C is so easily pissed off at me, I wouldn;t be surprised if I gave off signals that made her think I was interested in her, as with girl B. Girl D, I do like but I think her being able to be casual about whether or not we meet up, must be making me want to grab her attention again. Girl A, I we started out with me attention seeking and since she had a BF and wouldn't let her self be interested in me, it kept it on a sort of even par until we became mates.. something has changed recently and I wonder if it's a new lack of confidence recently that's behind it.

I think I need to take a break and try sort myself out here, any advice I would still appreciate by the way.

Self made problems

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You know what you need. Take a break and stay friends with A. Then write again. I think in 6 months it will sort itself out.

Self made problems

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True, thanks and I will :)

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