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Matrimonial advertisement with fake info turned serious

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I met this American citizen through a matrimonial website. I liked talking to him and we had good mental connection but I came to know he was divorced 5 yrs ago with two kids whose custody is with his ex. Reason he mention is his ex wife's greed for his money and property.
As per my experience he is caring responsible loving caring but when he is angry he looses his mind. His anger is really bad and he tAlks absurd.
It was a shock for me initially to know his past but we never stopped communicating.
I introduced him to my family and have Met his mother and siblings. My parents didn't approve of him but want me to get married as I am 29 yrs old girl.
I am living with parents but when they came to know I am still meeting him they were angry and not comfortable.
I don't wanna go for arrange marriage and this guy asking me to come to US on business/tourist visa and marry in US and later convert visa as he is citizen.
He also talked about signing a pre nuptial agreement and making list of conditions mentioning me not to have any social networking profiles and restricting frequency and minutes I can talk to my family.
I love him and my parents too but I am really confused as I feel if I go ahead with him I am choosing between him and parents as both are against.
Please advice.

Matrimonial advertisement with fake info turned serious

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I dont think this guy is worth marriage.
Please dont hurt your parents for this guy.
I understand you are being emotionally attached to its very painful for you now to leave him. But trust me these are all temporary. My suggestion would be, dont go with this guy hurting ur parents.

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