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What does she wants from me? It's hurting me so bad in a daily basis :(

I still love my ex-girlfriend but we haven't been together over 6months now we're still friends tho but nothing will ever change how I feel and love her... A couple of weeks ago we were together partying we went out to smoke a cigarette, she got closer to me and I kept on looking at her saying why your being too close to me, she said, just calm down/ what r u mumbling, and trampling I said I'm not then we kept looking on each other's eyes for a while while smoking and I just couldn't resist but kissing her she wasn't upset about it but she's said why did you kiss me? Anyways this happened a week later we were out together having dinner and she brought up the subject of why me kissing her and that she doesn't want to tell me how she feels because she's aftaid to hurt my feelings... Etc anyways we didn't go anywhere with this because I know that she's doesn't even care for me, we came back home and for almost 3weeks she has been so kincky, ignoring me, shitty atittude ... A month later we went out partying again... She went all out by kissing other people ... ETC I know we're not together but I went up to her by checking of she's okay... Once she saw me she forgot about whoever she was kissing and came to me and told me to kiss her, I said no I don't want to you were kissing other people why do you want me to kiss you... She said because I love you, kiss me now... I didn't want to but while talking to her she grabbed my face and tried kissing me while I stoped her and said that I don't want to ... After I needed to use the bathroom she came with me saying that she loves me and that I don't understand... And we started making out after that I told her why are you doing this to me, you don't want to be with me and all the sudden you're kissing me now... We haven't spoked about what happened the next day, but she knows that she went all out in the club and I am positive that she remembers that we kissed the previous night... I don't know what to tell her since the other night she made that move on me... Should I bring it up to her? I don't know what does she wants from me.... Can someone please help me here because this absolutely driving me crazy...

What does she wants from me? It's hurting me so bad in a daily basis :(

Man Ive been there before and I suggest you confront her calmly and seriously about it. Go out to dinner or somewhere where you can talk seriously without distraction(You know the best place for this IDK her). If she won't give you an honest answer than move on. She is most likely just playing with you because she will always love you but doesn't want to be with you. The fact that you said both times you kissed was at a party or club, was she drunk when this happened?

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