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What is up with the ex girlfriend

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Ok as some of you have read my tale, me and my fiancé have been broken up for almost 3 months now. Long story short I admit to being the main reason. I lied to her over driving school( yes stupid I know)I panicked worried how she'd react. A few little lies here and there that a lot of people often do, but none were ever meant intentionally nor to hurt her. I was having problems finding work due to my record ( another long story)but she new of it. Anyways she left me and led me on for about 2 months before finally telling me we are done and when she's done she's done! Plus the added bonus of seeing someone already! I made mistakes I know and feel terrible for it cause it led to me loosing the woman I loved but to have her seem so cold and easy to forget everything is blowing my mind. I really believe she still has feelings for me but wants to suppress them in being angry with me and dating someone new(rebound. The thing I find odd is that there are no mentions of said new guy on her facebook. No posts with her and "John Doe" out and about, no photos of them together or even of him separate. I recently saw a post from her friends that tagged her with my ex and a guy named Louis. I clicked on his name took me to his page and all that was on it was a profile picture. No other info, friends or anything. I know there are people who start a FB page and then never touch it, but I find everything about this odd. My ex was a girl that liked to post her activity and who's she was with. Is she deliberately hiding him? Is there really a new guy at all? Is she trying not to hurt my feelings? Is she ashamed that it's just a FWB thing? Curiosity is getting to me. Just lost as to her actions which are not like her at all. Also if he is real it seems like she has been spending a lot and I mean a lot of time with him at his place. To me it seems as if she's rushing things and it will probably cause him to detach. I know I would if a girl became too clingy too fast

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