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I see a world of lies.I only see liberal Fat Cats running our governement abusing there power to take trips world wide. They have affairs with several women and even have been linked to pedophile acts. We allow these people to choose our fate and destinys as Americans I see a worild with no hope No one cares. We dont ask questions we just stand by. I think we are on the brink of another serious revolution somthing comparable to the 60's-70's, but to be honest I think its needed. I want to see a America were people of the working class run the united states so we can truly have a government for the people by the people.I understand that maybe this is immpossible but we are slipping down a slippery slop of inequality super taxation and what do we do bury our heads in the sand. I personal cant do this any longer. We are fighting two wars for nothing now. CHINA owns us regardless they can pull there money back and bankrupt us. Please people help me make sense of this issue im having im stuck on two things letting it all go or becoming a American Radicalist and atleast vocing my opinions.

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