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Friends with benefits

hi, im a girl and im 19 years old well, now i am. im in first year of uni for psichology and when i finished high school i decided to work for 2-3 months in an englsh call center (i live in Europe) we were 4 people working there for a 37 years old guy that came from UK to see if a call center would work here where i live, in Albania. and after work we use to go out with him for a drink and then at 9 pm go home, but one night my friend said to him if he could take us out (cuz he parties a lot , 4-5 times a week) he said okay, and then when we were out he tried to kiss me and he said i dont wanna do this cuz u work for me but i really like you. after a month of dating we got together but he always use to say that we are not together cuz he is scared of commiting, anyway after 5 months we were together he said he wanted to brake up becouse he couldnt be faithful anymore to me. and i was a virgin and he was my first one. after 2 months of braking up we still meet and talk to each other for everything , now he asked me to be friends with benefit and he could be with other girls just for fun, i dont know what to do he was my first one and i really really like him or more... but friends with benefit here in albania is so judgemental. and he asked me to wait for him after 1-2 years cuz he is focusing on his buisness what to do ?

Friends with benefits

You're young. Don't waste your time on a man nearly 20 years older than you who claims he doesn't have time to commit to you, yet has plenty enough time to fool around with other women and party 4-5 times a week. He's 37 years old. If he doesn't have time to commit to you now, chances are he won't make time in the future. You may like him, but nobody can see the man/woman fool around with others and just expect to sit there and wait for their turn. It won't be worth it. Being 19, focus on yourself and don't subject yourself to that kind of hurt. I don't know you, but I definitely know that you nor anyone deserves that.

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