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Does he really have cancer?

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Is he lying about cancer?
Hi, well this might be a little long..... Ok so me and my ex boyfriend have been broken up for about 5 months, we were together for 2 years. Our relationship wasn't the best as we argued a lot due to myself suffering from depression and we lived further away from each other.
We both loved each other (well he said he did but not sure) I say that cause he didn't really show it very well he said it.
Anyway the issue is I found out 2 months ago he has terminal cancer, well I think he does. I'm questioning that he has it because he has a tendency to exaggerate and lie about things. There has never been really bad lies like cheating or things. It was liver cancer but it spread to his pancreas and stomach now. He says he's getting radiotherapy to prolong his life. But something is telling me he is telling me for attention. How can I tell?
He also wants to meet up with me for his birthday, why would he want to see me his ex girlfriend on his apparent last birthday? It's meant to be just a night of having great sex as we were good at that together. He says though he wants me to move on after. He says he doesn't want me to say "I love you" or or him to say it as he says it will hurt too much. I thought someone that was dying would try to say their feelings before they go? Please help as Iv been wrecking my brain for a while. Thanks

Does he really have cancer?

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Yes, it does sound like he's using his alleged cancer to make you feel obliged to spend his 'last birthday' with him. You'd think his birthday would be the LAST thing he'd be worrying about right now, or - were it about saying a supposed final farewell - that he'd at least want his family present for it as well as you (two birds with one stone and all that).

Anyway, it's not even ABOUT his birthday, is it. It's about you giving him sex out of sympathy and then not being able to whinge about it when he (WHY?) then fails to ever contact you again.

Would hurt too much to say sweet nothings but *wouldn't* hurt too much to say it sustainedly via actions? Where's he going to get the energy, anyway? Yeah, right.. this is my 'I really believe him' face ---> :-p

He's trying to get you to be complicit with his using you as a warm hole, basically.

Tell him you think [1] he's too fragile for sex and [2] it would no longer be appropriate, given how you two are no longer bf and gf, but that you'd be very happy to help him blow out his candles so what time does he want you?.... and then sit back and wait for the inevitable excuses about why he has to cancel.

What a nasty, manipulative little sh*thead he is that he'd deliberately make you believe he was dying and exploit such a sacrosanct, given how there are people genuinely suffering and dying from this horrid disease as we speak. No wonder you were depressed when you were dating him. To give it its non-medical term, that boy is not right in the head.

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