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Will he ever be mine?

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on Apr 11 2015 at 20:15
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Relationship advice I have been seeing this lad I really like for past 2 days and we have had a lovely 2 days together,anyway last night I finally found the courage to ask him how he felt about me, it wasn't what I wanted to hear and I'm gutted and haven't slept a wink all night. He said he loves as a mate, he said he doesn't know if he wants a girlfriend right now as he's got a lot of stuff going on in his life but that he thinks a lot of me and he still wants us to see each other and carry on going out, he was lovely about the whole situation and completely understood and he knows I want more with him so he knew it was an emotional subject for me and and he put his arm round me he said in a few months he might want me to be his girlfriend but he couldn't say. I'm gutted! I took him a load of pressies other day and he was over moon with them all, one of them was a top which he put straight on then he had it on last night. He gave me his jacket to keep me warm last night and let me keep it on all night. He brought me some pressies too and one of them was a necklace but he put it in a hot chocolate box so he being me thought it was hot choc anyway when I got home he told me to open the box so I did and inside it was a necklace which I thought was so sweet. I just really really wanna be his girl, he's amazing, he's sweet, he's gorgeous, he's just perfect and I don't want no other lad

Will he ever be mine?

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on Apr 13 2015 at 06:06
Member since: 13 April 2015
I don't think I can offer an answer you want to hear. Guys are rarely unsure about whether or not they want to date someone and I think what he was saying is no. I really hope that this is not the case. But I was in a similar situation (Only I'm a guy) and the girl who turned me down has been my best friend for five years and I'm glad nothing happened between us.

That being said I could be completely wrong. What I recommend either way is that you continue to have fun with him and be as happy as you usually are, but give him a little space. Right now the more you try to bring him in the more you could push him away. But still be his friend. I do really hope things work out though. Good luck!

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