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Feel trapped

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I have been with my partner for 3 years we were friends before and got together under odd circumstances. At first he was really great and supportive then I had issues with family and ended up moving in with him in the first year. As I would of been homeless. I've now patched things up with my family. And like spending the weekend with them while im with the partner all week. I mention i'm going to me mums and I can see he gets annoyed and acts like a spoilt child and that im never thinking of him. When he has 2 very expensive hobbies, and don't get me wrong I like that he has it. But it just seems to take over his life and I feel like i'm 2nd best. When I say anything about it again he gets in a strop he goes away for one of his hobbies and I don't get all clingy and moan I let him do his thing. Whereas I do it and its like the end of the world and makes me feel like I should always be with him. He become so clingy, its annoying. I came on here to let off steam and to talk to people who won't mind listening. As all my friends are long gone. Left me alone after I had a mental breakdown. I don't know what to do. Every time I try to see it from my point of view we end up having a massive row.

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