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Never felt so down about life

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Other advice i'm going to go right in deep here so who ever can take the time to read this and respond, thankyou.

for the past few weeks i have felt so, so bad.
i'm 17 years old i got kicked out of school just after i turned 16 and have 0 GCSEs what so ever. i', currently working a crappy 8-5 job 5 days a week for minimum wage, i have no academic capabilities at all, i struggled in every subject because i can't pay attention, easily distracted, forgetful, and things don't really "sink in" very well, so that pretty much rules me out of getting any decent job. i have literally no interests except motocross and skydiving, i don't play other sports, i don't have any interest in engineering, constructioin that i fancy doing ect.

i keep getting told to "get into the really world" and to lower my expectations, but i can't do that, i don't think life is too short, which means you should try and have as much fun as possible in the time you have, and fun is pretty much my only motivator in life.
since i left school i only speak to about 5 people i went with, so not having many friends doesn't exactly help with me feeling down all the time, and i have no girlfriend and never have.

Life is boring, i seem to be stuck at a dead end where i wont be going any further at all.
please can someone help.

Never felt so down about life

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Helo is a best part of life .agar apke dost kam h ya nahi h so dont worry.i m also a person jiske zada dost nahi h.and its true life is not too short.but dear but dear you are a boy and you wil b strong.aap try kro dost bnane ki.sab kuch ek din me nahi hota h.koshish kro wo chize karne ki jo apko khush kro dusro ki jisse apko sukun mile..or study kro bcoz in future its very important for u..or acha h apki gf nahi h ..bcz aap apni life k malik ho so enjoy everyday

Never felt so down about life

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Hello, it must be tough having to leave school so early, but you know you shouldnt be so hard on yourself.
Ok so you say you have a crappy job, but hey its a job! and great that you are doing it, you are not just sitting back saying that you cant get work
that would be easy to do! So pat yourself on the back for working even if it is a crappy job! and its not set in stone that you will have to stay there
You are only 17, so lots of opportunities will come your way through life, just right now you are feeling down and you probably think ..this is it!
But its not, I'm pretty sure you havnt experienced the best of your days yet.

And I have some friends in their 20s and almost 30 who has never had a girlfriend yet, so plenty of time for that too

There are some sites I'm not sure if I can give links here so just in case I wont, but there are some sites where you can take various online courses for free! just google free online courses! so they may help you, and ok you dont like a lot of sport, thats ok...but you do like sky diving and motorcross, are there any good clubs near you? you would meet new people, and get to talk about the sport that you do like :) u'
So while you're waiting for your life to be less boring, maybe enrol in some classes and see about joining those clubs!

Best of luck!

Never felt so down about life

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No interests except motocross and skydiving.

See if there are any jobs in those two markets. My friend's son was much like you, ended up as a mechanic at a local bike shop, went into sales and is now a successful partner in a bike shop.

Never felt so down about life

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, i got my weeks notice at work today so i'll be unemployed after next week. Bummer.
As for the motocross / skydiving clubs, yes there are some near me but skydiving is extremely expensive to do regularly and i have trouble getting to and from different motocross tracks, which is why i visit the same one but it tends to be just the same people.

I'll be honest i don't have a lot of interest in mechanics or anything too boring for me i just enjoy riding

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