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Emotional delima...

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Emotional advice Hello readers, I am a 28 years old female. Basically belong to a middle class family, well educated and now working with a Multinational firm. I got married around two years back. My husband is doing well financially and taking good care of me and his family.

At home I reside with my HUsband, my mother in law, grandmother in law and sister in law(my husbands younger sister). I am struggling to adjust in the family but sometimes feel is it worth wasting these years of my life for people to fail to respect me and my choices. Besides, my husband i am not able to rely on anyone. Not that they have any harm directly but there is a pure lack of acceptance towards me. THey treat me as guest at home and right from petty things to major decisions I have to restrict myself as per their moods and likings.What I wear, what i eat, where do i go and at what time etc. In laws are highly insecure about my husband they always want him to treat me as a least priority .

At present I am in delima whether to keep on adjusting till I get mentally and physically exhausted or take a call right now to get separated from them. Living separately will have a major effect on my husband's state of mind as he is deeply involved with his family.

Emotional delima...

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Is there a cultural/religious or financial reason why you should be living with them?

Married couples need to start out on their own and create their own home and customs.

You need to become the matriarch of your OWN home.

WHY is he so sensitive that he cannot live without all these females?

Emotional delima...

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Dear respondent (SUSIEDQQQ) thank you for your reply. Yes staying together is a culture in the country in which i reside, however there is no financial or religious reason associated with this. Moreover, my father in law passed away one year before my wedding which makes my hubby even more sensitive towards his mom n sis.

I would have been happy to adjust of i was welcomed with respect insted of non acceptance. My mom in law n sis in law are highly insecure about the house , their son n the financial matters which probably stops them to give me due respect.

This is effecting me a lot as i realize that despite of having a financial stability and a loyal husband my life's most important years are getting screwed.

I am not even prepare myself for a baby because sometimes due to their behaviour i feel extremely stressed and annoyed.

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