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Angry and hurt

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Ive been a housewife most of my life bringing up three children who are now all teenagers. I have worked but wanted to bring my kids up and stay at home with them and not put them in a nursery so someonecelse could. I have been going to relationship counselling with my husband for 6 weeks now about why i have cheated on my husband and why i now think he is cheating on me the counsellor will not asked any questions to my husband if he is or isnt cheating and we end up talking about my lack of trust and what im going to do with my life now the kids are older. I feel the counsellor is focusing to much on me and not enough on my husband and dont want to see him again, also he said i have four children who are boys which is wrong as i have two boys and one girl, he doesnt write down any information when were there and i was thinking of complaining about his counselling but who do i see go about it? We were talking about what i might want to do and i said i am a organised person and ive looked after the house to make sure its a nice home and cosy and he duggested interior decorator and he asked if i have things that match up like colour matching which i said i do and my husband said im a bit ocd and i felt really hurt and angry at his comment as i do like to have things that go together and the same colour but im not ocd were i cant stop. I have just kepted a nice home over the years and it as been me looking after all the houses we have lived in not my husband as he takes no interest whatsoever which hurts me, my sister as a husband who does all kinds of diy and takes an interest and i sometimes wish i was married to him. All my husband does is go to work comes home cooks the tea and maybe do the dishes now and then, he doesnt even sit in the garden with me and i get jealous that other men sit out with there partners. I just feel distant now towsrds my husband after saying im abit ocd and i told him i wished he took more interest in the home but he says hes not a diy person, more like a lazy good for nothing husband. The counsellor said i have been to good in the home and because i have done it so long wheres my husband as gone out to provide.

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