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Long Distance Relationship advice Hey so im here hoping i could get some help with my relationship problem.

Me and my boyfriend are in a long-distance relationship for a year now,although we never met,things had been going great between us.

But then two days ago,we had a fight and although i didnt really mean it,i told him that he gives me so much pain,i was just angry i didnt mean to say that.

Now its been two days he has not texted me yet,im getting really worried,plus i miss him it hurts so bad that everytime i think of killing myself.

I am not sure of why he is not responding to my text.

It maybe possible that he felt bad cause of what i said and left so as not to give me more pain but then i told him stuffs more horrible and mean then that in the past but he never left,he said he wants to be with me at any cost.

So i thought maybe theres another reason he's not texting cause once he didnt text for 5 days cause his mobile was stolen,so theres a possibility something like that might have happened or worse if something bad happened to him i wouldnt be able to live.

I dont know what to do,where to go,who to talk to but then i thought of calling him to ask whats wrong and i dont know if i should call him right now or if i should wait for a week or two atleast just in case he must be busy and i might disturb him.

I would be really greatful if i could get some advice on what to do,when to do and how to do.Im lost so please help anyone?

Need advice

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Hi Zoeyy, we all say things at some point in anger that we never really mean, I bet your bf has too. But at the time we hurt so bad that we just blurt stuff out to get back at who hurt us to begin with.

Now dont be thinking too much about it or assuming anything before you know the facts. Again sometimes assuming can get our brains working overtime and before we know it, we have it all worked out ...right down to what the other person must be thinking! and a lot of it is in our own heads, but we assume and convince ourselves that it must be true, when most of the time it isnt.

He may be hurt and so not responding, or he may believe that you dont want him to respond so steering clear. why dont you send a msg and ask could both talk about it and you could tell him you didnt mean what you said, and see what happens. If it were me thats probably what I would do. And while you're waiting for a reply do something to distract you, maybe watch a movie, listen to music or whatever makes you happy and helps you to

Hope it works out for you.

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