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Do happy marriages exist?

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I am just fed up with my marriage and would even consider separation but can't because I have a baby. I love my husband. But we're fighting so much. Always silly little things but those silly little things snowball into something so much bigger. We got married against our parents wishes and we really fought to be together and couldn't stand the thought of sepatating. 5 years later I just don't know what's wrong with us. I feel unappreciated, he thinks I'm dominating, I feel he wants his way on things and he can't be sensitive to my needs. If I'm stressed or down he used to be the first person to pick me up and change my mood. Now I don't know... He is so stressed with his office work that he doesn't see my issues. If i tell him I'm stressed he's always more stressed! I don't know... I just don't know what to do. I hate being in this marriage right now even though I know I love him a lot and he loves me but when we fight and argue we just hate the sight of each other. Is that even normal? How can you love someone but hate them at the same time?

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