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Relationship advice Hi there.

I am a season ticket holder at my local Premier League club.
Now behind me stands a girl who looks really nice, and she might even
have given me the eye a couple of times before.

Now she does not really sit right behind me, she is in the row behind me and
about 5 seats down, so it's not really like I can just turn around and talk to her.
And she always stands with what I assume are her parents, so that makes it just a bit more awkward.
She always goes to get a drink at half time but her parents always go with her.

Now there are only 2 more home games left before the end of the season and I would absolutely hate
to spend another summer alone, but I don't really know how to talk to her, let alone what to say.

Football Girl

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This is just one of those times you are going to have to confront your greatest fear: talking to the unknown.

Are you ready for it?

Next time she goes up for refreshments, go along and just start talking to her about the game, what school she goes to, etc. Better yet, talk to the Dad first about the game. Then turn to her.

Introduce yourself and then start up a conversation. You are going to know soon if she is interested or if her parents will allow her to start up with you.

Good luck.

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