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Boyfriend is goingcrazy

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Relationship advice I've been with this guy for 7+ years. I've Bern faithful. Never once cheated. Now just about every day he accuses made PhD cheating,sneaking guys in the house,he hears people talking and thinks it's me, There is no one there. He trips when I lookout the window,door whatever. Eventhe tv sometimes. It's really bad. He Calls me names.
It's really to the point that it's sickening.
I've told him to leave,but he hasntt yet, he's threatening suicide.
I love him,acne skirt of need him,financially.
I just don't know what to do.?
Please any advice would be helpful.
I tell him he needs help,but he only gets mad,and worse. 

Boyfriend is goingcrazy

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'I love him,acne skirt of need him,financially." Sorry, can you re-type this? I can't figure it out.

Is this new behavior? Is (has he been) on medication? Is he doing drugs?

From what you have written, your BF is exhibiting very bizarre behavior and needs psychiatric/medical attention ASAP.

You need to be sure you are in a safe place. Get relatives or friends to help out and insist he get help. This is too much for one person to handle.

Boyfriend is goingcrazy

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I can only echo susiedqqq's comments. So sorry to hear of your problem and I hope it works out Ok for you both.

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