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Is it time to get off of the track?

advice needed Im a high school athlete, a junior to be specific . I do cross country basketball and track. track is my main sport I do the others to pass time. I love sports but track is what i am best at so its all ive got .In my younger years I've brought home nothing but first and second place medals. but when I hate high school I struggled to even place at basic meets. these past few years have been tough but this year has been the the most tough. Not because i am a poor athlete or "slow" , but because my coach have been my biggest enemy. Its a new young guy who not consitant always changing events and relays and I have received lack of training from him. to sum it all up he is a garbage he told me I am off of the 4 by 1 relay.why? i dont know because i am the second fastest girl on the team. Ive spent the whole season building the girls team and by far the most dedicated. Its not the first time hes done stuff like swich me in and out of relays that ive proved multiple times that I should be on. All the other girls are under classman. Its fustrating because i am a upper classman , this was supose to be a very technical year for me.and i feel like this coach has cheated me out of a season. I feel like my time is being wasted. Tommorrow is our league meet the last meet of the season and I don't know if i even want to show up.ill be running 1 event which ill probley get embarressed in because of the lack of training. Things are only going down hill.i think its time to walk away.

Is it time to get off of the track?

Short and sweet: Your coach knows more than you do. He is trying to find out exactly where your talents are, so he is moving you around to different positions. You have another year to participate. By then you will have found your niche. You should have asked (nicely) why he moved you from a race that you do well in. Coaches don't like kids who have attitudes. Stay on the team. You need his expertise. He needs a mature senior athlete!

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