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Friends drugged husband without his knowledge

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Drug advice But of back story: we have a group of friends we have hung out with for several years. We all hang out and drink regularly but drugs were never involved. A few years ago a guy joined our group who has a prescription to Adderall. Now our friends regularly take it in order to stay up until 6-7am and drink all night/morning. My husband did it a few times and after a few discussions where is voiced my disapproval, he agreed to stop.

Last weekend we were at a party with them and again everyone was taking Adderall. My husband repeatedly told them he did not want any after being pushed to take it multiple times. He even challenged them to stay up later wth out it. The next day, come to find out they slipped an Adderall I to his beer when he wasn't looking and did not tell him until the next afternoon.

I am so pissed I don't even know what to do. My husband seems to have the mentality that they shouldn't have done it but he's not mad. What is the appropriate reaction to something like this?! I would never imagine our friends of years slipping illegal prescription drugs into another friend's drink without their permission.

What would you do?

Friends drugged husband without his knowledge

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Speed, in other words.

It's called, Spiking.

These so-called friends seem not to respect your husband and his wishes. However, had he managed to convince them effectively? Would they have dared had he? I rather think he'd be madder if he'd indeed insisted against and meant it. Don't you? So putting together the 2 of their not having believed his refusals and now the 2 of his failure to be mad at them like one who'd said No and meant it would be, plus the extra 2 in the fact that you'd had to MAKE him agree (rather than the decision having been his own) - what do YOU think?

I can't say what I would do in a situation where I wasn't 100% certain over the issue of consent.

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