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Why did we become just friends suddenly?

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it has been two months since we've liked each other but things between us started to die out suddenly cause it was hard to meet up and exam time and all.Then he stopped texting or calling and started getting distant. I asked him at first what happened and if everything was okay cause i felt he was losing interest in me but later i stopped cause he wouldnt give me an appropriate reply.Things went on like that until a few days ago he seemed to be talking normally but he put up that he was single on some social networking site which made me feel bad and so i finally asked him one last time he said nothing was going on between us and that we dont talk,we barely meet and we're not dating.He was like we are friends right now and he wanted to discuss this after our exams were done. so i dont know what to do. what should i do or expect? I'm confused and hurt.i had an idea that probably it was going to end or die out but i think he should have mentioned something while he was withdrawing and i know i have made some mistakes too,but i felt at least we could have given it another chance. please help me out.

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